New Update of Policy and guidelines for the prevention of sexual harassment 29_3_2019

New Update of the Policy and Guidelines for the Prevention of Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

Youth Global Network (“YGN”), as an organisation serving young people, establishing missions and contributing to society, is committed to ensuring that all employees, volunteers, participants, and service users can work and use its services in a caring, protected, respected, and safe environment.

In accordance with the four discrimination Ordinances (Sex Discrimination Ordinance, Disability Discrimination Ordinance, Family Status Discrimination Ordinance, and Race Discrimination Ordinance) and the handling and prevention of sexual harassment under the Sex Discrimination Ordinance in Hong Kong, YGN has updated and developed the following policy and guidelines:

— 《Guidelines for the Prevention of Discrimination and Harassment of Youth Global Network》
— 《Prevention of Sexual Harassment Policy and Guidelines of Youth Global Network》

The guidelines apply to all employees, freelancers, outsourced employees and volunteers of YGN and will take effect starting on 29 March 2019.

YGN would like to thank the Policy, Research and Training Division of the Equal Opportunities Commission (“EOC”) for the training seminars on 13 February 2019, and 26 March 2019, to all employees of YGN on the topic of “Preventing and Managing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.” The training enables YGN employees to enhance their awareness, alert on the preventive measures and learn the way to deal with sexual harassment complaints. YGN is also thankful to EOC for reviewing the relevant policies and guidelines of the organisation in the past few months and giving valuable advice, and assisting us in updating and developing reasonable and practicable policies and guidelines for preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.

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Youth Global Network

29 March 2019

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